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Swiggart says it's time for new direction

By Jonathan Whitaker
April 10, 2014

At 47, Frank Swiggart is a veteran lawman who is looking forward to the best years of his career.
He says point blank that it may be another 16 years before he even
considers retirement.
And that's important, Swiggart says, when it comes to this year's race for Merced County Sheriff.
"I can honestly say that you can invest in the future and know that you are going to get your return back," Swiggart says. "I can plant the seeds, and I can manage the growth and the fruits that result. ... I'm here for the long haul. That's something I don't think any of my opponents can do. No disrespect to their
careers, but I've got more time to dedicate to Merced County than they do, and I've got more to give because I've done just as much or more related work than they have done — and in a shorter period of time."
Swiggart is also quick to point out that he is the only full-time senior sergeant working at the Sheriff's Department right now.    

Intense chess moves happening at Mall food court

By John Miller
April 10, 2014

Local chess enthusiasts of all skill levels are invited to join the Merced Chess Club during their free, monthly tournaments on the first Friday of every month at 6:30 p.m. Also, weekly meetings are held on Fridays at 6:30 p.m. for players wanting to learn, practice, and fine tune their competitive drive in the game.
According to Hassan Golbad, the club’s president, chess has a multitude of advantages for Merced.    

The Fish We Didn’t Catch

By John Derby
April 10, 2014

There will always be stories about the fish we caught, however, the greatest stories are about the fish we didn’t catch. Like the day we went out with Alajandro, who is one of the best fishing guides in the business.     MORE>

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