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County Board of Education OKs new STEM school bid

By Jonathan Whitaker
July 31, 2014

Merced County Board of Education members unanimously approved this week the Merced Area STEM School (MASS) charter petition that aims to educate county high school students with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and partnerships with experts from the business and college community.
MASS is a project of the nonprofit Merced County Education Foundation which plans to operate the school with the help of grant funding and donations.     

‘Ceasefire’ walk enters Loughborough area

By John Miller
July 31, 2014

On a mission to bring about peace and safety for the neighborhoods of Merced, members of the Feet Changing Lives organization have ventured north to an area known as Loughborough-Meadows.
Organized by Reverend Don Ramsey, the group utilizes the national Operation Ceasefire model that promotes community participation to combat violent crime. For months, they have walked the streets of Central and South Merced, armed with only flashlights and encouraging words, advice or prayers for residents.     

The Good Things Local Sailors Do

By John Derby
July 31, 2014

Last weekend, as we watched the members of the Lake Yosemite Sailing Association take over three dozen young people sailing, we were proud that we had been a member of the Association from the start.    MORE>

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