• MPD Citizens Academy members celebrate graduation
  • Merced College Chorale to perform this weekend
  • UC Merced to hold 10th commencement ceremonies

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Thrift store restoring lives along with the goods

By Jonathan Whitaker
May 14, 2015

Just walk in to the Restored thrift store on Main Street in Merced, and you will notice right away that this isn't your average resale shop.
The place is spacious, well-designed, organized, surprisingly pleasant — and best of all — full of high-quality merchandise.
But these are not the only reasons why the store stands out. Restored is a nonprofit with a mission to support scholarships at two local Christian schools, and at the same time, give back to the community.    

Merced Council approves water meters for all residents

By Jonathan Whitaker
May 14, 2015

Soon everyone in the City of Merced will have a water meter. The City Council unanimously approved an emergency resolution Wednesday night to buy water meters for the 10,800 residential customers that don’t have meters.   MORE>

Volunteers are essential for good living

By John Derby
May 14, 2015

Every community needs its volunteers and this month is National Volunteer month, so we celebrate their efforts.   MORE>

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