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Anita Hill visit was dream of local civil rights leader

October 20, 2016

Before his passing a little more than a year ago, Denard Davis was excited about Anita Hill coming to Merced.
Davis was a well-known community advocate, educator, mentor and civil rights leader in town, but he was also a founding member of the Spendlove Prize Committee that eventually named Hill as the recipient of one of UC Merced’s highest honors.

Farmers Slam State Plan For Water Control

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
October 20, 2016

One man came to Merced County this week to represent the State Water Control Board, but they should have sent an army, because the crowd that packed the Board of Supervisors chamber were out for war.     MORE>

Measure V: A tax worth voting for

Featured OP-ED
October 20, 2016

As the residents of Merced County know, many of the roads in our county need repair. The reality is that there is not anywhere near enough money currently to take care of the needed repairs to our roads, sidewalks, crosswalks and bike lanes.     MORE>

Label Technology named ‘Green Business of the Year’

By  John Derby
Times Publisher
August 4, 2016

Sometimes it seems like all you have to do is start a business in your garage and it will turn into a big success.
John Bankson, founder of Label Technology, did just that with his first labeling machine — and now his company is one of the largest in Merced County.   

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By Jonathan Whitaker

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