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Merced homeless issues gain attention

By John Miller & Jonathan Whitaker
January 22, 2015

Efforts to get a grip on this region’s struggles over how to house the homeless and ease suffering on the streets came to the forefront this week with the official Homeless Count and Survey, and reactions to recent talks about the county’s plans and goals.
Meanwhile, there’s word that state Caltrans crews and CHP officers will begin to clear an encampment near the Bradley Overpass as early as Monday, Jan. 26 — enough time for the census counters, but not enough time for the camp residents who say they desperately need to figure out what to do to avoid sleeping out in the cold.    

Sheriff Warnke: More deputies are needed

By Beverly Barela
January 22, 2015

Sheriff Vern Warnke chatted with guests and responded to questions during the Atwater/Merced Tea Party meeting this month at the Veteran’s Memorial Building in Atwater.   MORE>

Oaxaca, Mexico A Great World Unto Its Own

By John Derby
January 22, 2015

If you had not heard someone say the name, you would never know how to pronounce it. The city and the state combine to create the artistic capital of Mexico.   MORE>

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