RVing in Mexico, the coming thing

March 16, 2017

The first sight of Conception Bay as your car drives around a bend in the road, is a long line of motorhomes stretched across Santispac Beach, with a dozen sailboats bobbing in the bay, and a couple of beach restaurants.
The motorhomes are part of a growing trend for Canadian and American retirees who have the courage to head south across the border. The motorhomes get bigger each year with roll outs and awnings. The occupants know how to make a beach home out of a three-sided leanto with tarps to cover the sides, and even carpets to cover the floors. Usually there is a motorcycle attached to the rear of the RV or a couple of bikes with kayaks on the roof.
Some of these people are veterans who have been doing this for years, however, with each passing year, the number of motorhomes on the road increases and Santispac Beach, rated as one of the most beautiful in all of Baja California, Mexico, is almost full until Easter. It has become a way of life for many and why not?
The RVers pay less than $300 for a month’s stay. With the value of the dollar compared to the peso, almost double what it was two years ago, the cost of everything in Mexico has become cheaper. And the weather is without compare as there is sun 90 percent of the time.
The average cost of a meal is about $6 and that is with a drink. Drinking water is available at the nearby town, Mulege, which is 14 miles north. Trucks selling natural gas stop by once a month, and although there are no utilities, many motor homes have solar panels.
Some people ask about health care in Mexico. It is not great in many rural areas, however, what is available is very inexpensive. X-Rays are about $50 and available in Santa Rosalia, one hour away. LaPaz has full service medical centers which provide all the usual health services at about one tenth the cost of those same services in the United States.
Several years ago we had an EKG and an MRI done for $500 and the results were given to us the same day as the test. For major health procedures most people fly back to the States or Canada. There is an international air terminal 1.5 hours from Conception Bay.
Even parts are available for motorhomes and can be ordered and delivered in a couple of days from LaPaz or Ensenada. There are also some very able mechanics in the local town and motorhome repair is a very active business.
Roads have never been better in Baja, nd the government of Mexico seems to realize that keeping them up is important to the tourist industry. The road work is used to provide an income for poor people.
In talking to the RVers, many of them start small with maybe a van or a camper on a pickup and work their way up to the larger RV’s. Some people even give up their permanent homes and live on the road 12 months a year.
While it’s not the life for everyone, the people we see down here in Mexico sure seem to have a lot of fun, and enjoy life while waiting out the wet and cold of winter up north.

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