Egg-traordinary coincidence, or act of nature?

August 31, 2017

Something magical happened for 9-year-old Marco Gallo on Aug. 21, and it wasn't quite the great solar eclipse that millions of Americans saw that day.
Yes, of course, when Gallo woke up in the morning, he was excited about seeing the eclipse with the rest of his buddies at Our Lady of Mercy School in Merced.
But before he could leave home, he had to check the chicken coop for any fresh breakfast eggs.
Marco is the son of Mike and Lori Gallo, and one of the youngest members of a major ag family that operates Joesph Gallo Farms.
So it's not surprising that Marco is an aspiring 4-Her who is learning about animals by taking care of 16 chickens and one very proud rooster (and if you have ever seen a bottle of Gallo wine, you would know that Gallo means rooster in Italian.)
Marco appears to have inherited the family's business sense too because he sells all his extra eggs to family members and friends.
He calls his business "Marco's Organic Eggs," and all the proceeds go to his College Fund.
On the morning of the eclipse, Marco checked the chicken coop, but he didn't see a single egg.
"Hmmm," he wondered, and then shrugged it off as nothing. His thoughts soon turned to the approaching school day.
Meanwhile, his parents were off to work. Lori Gallo was especially excited about seeing the eclipse, and headed out to the company ranch outside of Atwater to view the natural wonder with dozens of other employees.
Wearing protective glasses, she waited under the hot sun until it started to happen — just like her son Marco was doing at OLM.
To Lori's delight, she managed to take an impressive photo of the eclipse with her cell phone.
For Marco, however, the real magic was yet to come.
When he returned home in the afternoon, he nonchalantly walked over to the chicken coop to check for eggs. This time, he hit pay dirt. He found a dozen eggs plus one --- lucky No. 13.
Marco gathered them up, and suddenly he saw ... The One.
"Whoa," he said out loud. "I've never seen an egg like this before."
That got Mom's attention, and Lori Gallo went over to take a look at what her son found.
She looked at it, and looked at it more, and then turned away, and looked at it again.
And then it hit her.
She ran and got her phone, and found the eclipse picture she had captured earlier, and then looked back at the egg in Marco's hands ... and she couldn't believe it.
The egg and the sun were the same shape!
Was this an egg-traordinary coincidence, or an act of nature?
To this day, the Gallos have no idea, but they sure had a good time talking about it.
Now you may think that Marco — the young entrepreneur — might have thought about putting the egg up for auction on "eBay" online with the chance of making thousands of dollars to some willing eclipse fanatic.
But no, Marco had other plans.
He simply wanted to take it school and share it with his teachers and classmates.
After all, what could be better than an eclipse egg for show-and-tell?

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