Titus bringing ‘Amerigeddon’ to Merced

November 30, 2017

Currently on his eighth comedy special, Christopher Titus has been taking his style of hard-hitting comedy across the nation as part of the “Amerigeddon” comedy tour.
After finding mainstream success with his show Titus on the FOX network, Titus has continued to work at a blistering pace, releasing seven 90-minute albums in as many years. Comedy Central is running six 1-hour specials of his work with his seventh special, Born with a Defect, premiering this year.
Local fans, however, are in for a treat on Dec. 8, at 8 p.m., when Titus takes the stage at the Merced Theatre.
In an interview with the County Times, Titus said he aims to entertain, but there is also something greater to work upon.
“I think we forgot to be … We became Democrats and Republicans, but we forgot to be Americans, and that’s what I set up this show to solve,” Titus said. “I always pick something to solve [with my shows], and I wanted to bring the country back together.”
Setting out with comedy, mocking, and punchlines, Titus began to craft a performance that would take a closer look at what we read, watch, and hear about every day in the world of politics, and point out the inanity that has found itself taking up residence on both sides of the aisle.
“There are some comics that when they talk about politics they give you their opinion of it, and they’re speaking from a place that is that they’re right, and I try to avoid that, and speak from a place that is like ‘isn’t this just crazy? And I think that is our job as comedians, it is to find the absurdity for the greater good. That’s what I try to do with my comedy; try to point out the absurdity of it instead of letting you know what I think about it.”
With everyone up on the chopping block and both sides of the political spectrum up for grabs, Titus noted that “It’s not just conservatives that I’m going after, I’m going after everyone, so there is stuff that I have for Hillary, I do a couple of Obama things, but you know there’s the guy that is currently president, and we talk about what is going on.”
Having performed the show across the nation, including traditionally “Red” states like North Carolina, Alabama, and Texas, he went on to say that there is one thing that has struck him in his meetings with fans after the show.
“It’s interesting how I have had conservatives come up to me after the show and go, ‘I have to say, I am a hard-core Trump conservative, and honestly I voted for the man, and I can’t believe that on a daily basis I’m just angry at the dude,’ and I say ‘great, welcome to the team.’”
He went on to say that jokes from his act that address the current administration’s campaign promise and pursuit of building a wall along the U.S-Mexico border, as well as the subjects of climate change and transgender individuals serving in the armed forces, and a litany of others, are delivered so that individuals leave the show not thinking “Oh well that’s what Titus believes,” but rather “Oh right, that is weird! I’ve never thought about it like that.”
In particular, Titus takes aim at some of the stereotypical camps that those politically opposed to each other have put one another into and that oftentimes, with the advent of the Internet, those who have made unwise choices or decisions are now faced with the aspect of having their mistakes thrown back at them, if not put on display, making it all the more enticing to double down.
“Trust me Trump voters are looking for a way out right now. Because they know, they’re not stupid so they know, but they don’t know how to do it and you know whose fault that is? It’s liberals fault, because with the Internet, we all became trolls, so even if a Trump voter goes, ‘You know I voted for the guy and I made a huge mistake,’ no one is going to go ‘Good. Welcome to the team. Welcome to America.’ They go ‘Yeah loser! We told you he was an idiot,’ and so everyone has to keep their backs up. So people have forgotten to be cool to our own countrymen, and that conservative is still one of our American countrymen.”
Titus went on to sum up his frustrations with the divisions this type of pigeonholing has, questioning “When did we just start yelling at each other over these idiots? ... Why are we so pissed at each other, because we’re going to get in a new idiot in four years anyways. So why are we so mad at each other, because there’s a new idiot coming, so why are you so mad at your family, ya know?”
Apart from his work on the stage to pull the country back together after a divisive election, Titus has also been making his debut on the silver screen with his recently released movie Special Unit. A decade in the making, the film is written, directed and staring Titus, alongside a cast consisting of David Figlioli, Debbie Lee Carrington, Michael Aronin, Tobias Forrest, Billy Gardell, Cynthia Watros, and Rachel Bradley.
In a similar vein as his comedy special Amerigeddon, Titus aims to change the way we see those with disabilities and does so with a cast of disabled actors working alongside of him as he tells the story of the Van Nuys Police Department, which is being forced to hire four handicapped undercover detectives due to the Fairness In Disabilities Act. Titus takes on the role of Garrett Fowler, the worst cop in L.A., and is assigned to train them as punishment after botching an undercover operation.
To purchase tickets for the upcoming Dec. 8 Amerigeddon show at the Merced Theatre, comedy fans can log onto MercedTheatre.org, or stop by the Merced Theatre during their Box Office hours, Tuesday through Friday, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., or one hour prior to events. For more information about Christopher Titus, log onto ChristopherTitus.com or follow him on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheRealChristopherTitus, where you can also find his hit podcast that has risen to 6.5 million downloads to date.

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